Maat: What One believes.
Handasa: Architecture.

The firm initiates after a seven month research trip along the Mediterranean, where the treatment handled by Arab culture in the exteriors and landscape dictates the design philosophy of the atelier.

In the Seville orange trees’ patio arabic designers managed to consolidate a unique design and true dignity to thy tree specie, creating a landscape concept that transcended the architectural space. On a similar way, water management and gardening species like Myrtus was handled with great technique and sophistication at the Alhambra.

While walking through the Fez’s medina in Morocco, one finds chaotic aisles, reduced spaces with vendors and animals carrying wood under intense heat, and suddenly, one enters a house’s courtyard where the temperature has been decreased five to six Celsius degrees through incredible colorful mosaic walls, external noise is wiselly isolated allowing the murmur of a tiny inch of water to transform a two hundred square meters courtyard.

That efficiency and creativity for managing species, light, geometrical shapes, water resources, and the design of efficient and comfortable architecture under bioclimatic and ingenious principles, laid the foundations for the philosophy and structure of Maat Handasa.