Recently, the Prix Versailles 2018 world ceremony was held in the Parisian headquarters of UNESCO. These awards represent an annual recognition of commercial architecture from around the world. Twelve winning architecture projects were presented in the category of Shops, Shopping Centers, Hotels and Restaurants.

"The award recognizes the most remarkable structures, in terms of Interior and Exterior Architecture. Because the Prix is associated with Versailles, we want that world-famous symbol of beauty and elegance to serve not as a model, but as a beacon of impetus for quality Commercial Architecture, today and tomorrow."

The Ixi`im Restaurant project of Chablé Resort & Spa was awarded the First Place in the category of Restaurants, a great achievement for our collaborator and friend, Interior Design Paulina Moran, whose design gave life to the machine house of the old hacienda henequenera, integrating handmade elements with luxury and sophistication creating an elegant atmosphere of great impact. 

The Landscape Architecture Project of the award-winning Restaurant was developed by Maat Handasa SC.